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About Project:

Direct inspiration for the symbol was the construction of Quadcopter and its four rotors symmetrically arranged on two intersecting axes. Visual identity of the company is based on the motives of in the air movement dynamics, rotational motion, as well as ground-to-air dependencies. Nine letters: A, L, O, F, T and four "X"s symbolizing the rotors, were all arranged on the precisely fixed grid where they mutually interact and form a unified symbol. Only letters were used for the construction of the signet, which in effect, helped to

get a simplified and easy-to-remember symbol. Introduction of additional graphic elements allows to easily differentiate it without the risk of losing recognition. The identification system was supplemented by a group of icons as well as animations built on the basis of the symbol.



About Aloft:

ALOFT is aerial drone filming company born in Gliwice, Poland. Using high-end technologies to film for television, broadcasts and commercials.

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