Hearts Pub: Play & Drink

Art Direction



Visual Identity

Web Design




About project:

What would happen if Space Invaders met Alice in Wonderland?

The basic goal of this project was to respond to dualistic characters of the brand. On the one hand, Hearts Pub is a traditional pub in the most literal and classic sense. On the other hand, equally important, it's a gaming pub. The main intention was to merge these two contrasting ideas to create a coherent and consistent visual language.

It's not a gaming pub that looks like a traditional pub. It's not a traditional pub that looks like a gaming pub. It's both. The visual identity of this brand is a unified concept. The viewer will experience both parts simultaneously. When you think about pixels, glitches, old games, new games... and when you think about traditional pubs, beer, dark wood, warm interiors, there is obviously a big contrast. Our journey was showing that, in this case, they can live together and coexist.





Kasia Olejarczyk

Web design

Kamila Figura

Web development

Sebastian Wojdakowski

Project photoshoot

Justyna Niwińska

About Hearts Pub:

Hearts Pub is the first gaming pub in Gliwice created by a gamer for gamers. Located near the academic complex, it is a place where, away from the hustle and bustle, you can meet with friends, have a good beer and play a board or video console game.


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