Sunstone Heating Systems


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About Project:

We have knowingly decided to omit the most direct and obvious references,to the words sun/stone on account of usage of this exact symbolism already present on the market. We have decided to apply the graphically reduced image of a ram with wrapped up horns, which will also be an appropriate reflection of the characteristics/words we have considered to be essential.(center, life, circulation, emission, durability, waves)

"If the lamb recalls the newness of the sun. The full-grown wild ram, zodiacal sign of the springequinox, signifies the light and warmth of the sun boldly resurgent after the winter darkness." "(...) the ram with its curling horns, sometimes, as here, resembling the snake of fertility and regeneration, was emblem of nature's virile potency and life forces."

Ronnberg, Ami The Book of Symbols: Reflections on Archetypal Images TASCHEN, 2012

The application of an expanded color palette and decisive stripes which intersect the signet, introduces a distinction in the branched subbrand system.The symbol was a key element and basis for the entire visual identification system,other supplementary patterns were created on its basis and with the usage of its elements.




Martin Waletzko

About Sunstone:

SunStone International GmbH is a producer of innovative heating system. After the generation change, the new management wanted a corporate design that reflects the modern approach and the innovative ambition of the new company. The new brand design must also give the possibility to include new, planned ressorts – e.g. “Private Power Plants” or “Home Accessories Series”.

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